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With Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, you gain a 360-degree view of your business by automating and bridging content across your ecosystem.

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Intelligent Content Automation (ICA) is the next level of enterprise content management: an AI powered platform designed specifically to bridge and automate content across best-of-breed apps like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and more to deliver a contextualized content experience and create a future-ready digital workplace.

As an SER certified partner, let one of our an experts walk you through the Doxis Intelligent Content Automation Platform.

Companies that implement a DMS benefit specifically from:

  • Reduced costs of document filing and archiving
  • Real time shared information to improve decision-making & employee knowledge
  • Better resource deployment for value-creating business activities
  • Deadline management and fulfillment, e.g. in the context of contracts or invoice payments
  • Automated workflows for greater process speed an enhanced efficiency
  • Transparency and productive collaboration both internally and externally

43% of people spend 30 to 120
minutes looking for information every day. The productivity and
efficiency improvements gained from implementing an ECM
with intelligent, context-based search algorithms and task automation translate into hard cash

Cost savings analysis of eliminated search times
Number of FTEs (40h/month1005001000
Annual wage costs incl. employer contribution
(€ 30.00)
5,760,000 Euro28,800,000 Euro57,600,000 Euro
Annual time spent searching for information
(on average 90 min./day): 360h/year
36,000 h180,000 h360,000 h
Annual wage savings resulting
from elimination of search times
1,080,000 Euro5,400,000 Euro10,800,000 Euro

Brochure: Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

Connecting your company’s information and creating a shared content awareness are vital to boosting productivity, user experience, visibility into business, revenue opportunities, compliance and much more.

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation (ICA), offers the next level of enterprise content management, an AI-powered platform.

Doxis Content Bridge for SAP & Salesforce

Employees looking for information on customers, suppliers or projects spend 36% of their day trawling through as many as 11 different systems. This not only slows down processes; it also increases risks. Doxis Content Bridge builds a bridge to your systems, creating a shared basis of information and delivering on-demand information in the right context.

Download the solution brief and learn how you can connect your information ‘islands’ with Doxis.

Our hunt for an ideal document management solution has reached global proportions, but it turns out that the answer was right in front of us all along – just across the River Rhine at SER

Martin Treder  |  Global IT, DHL Express

Download the SER – DHL customer story

Logistics processes at DHL generate 130 million new documents every month — all of which must be available worldwide, around the clock. This is crucial for the smooth management of DHL’s complex supply chains. With Doxis, DHL launched the world’s largest commercial document archive: the Global Imaging Archive. It houses over 8.5 billion documents, makes them available globally and easily grows with demand.

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