Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

Intelligent Content Automation (ICA) is the next level of enterprise content management: an AI powered platform designed specifically to bridge and automate content across best-of-breed apps like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft and more.

With Doxis Intelligent Content Automation, you gain a 360-degree view of your business by automating and bridging content across your ecosystem.

You’ll also deliver a more efficient document processing experience and create a digital workplace that’s future-ready.

Ignite Technology enterprise intelligent content automation software

Save time & resources on all your internal document-based business processes

Doxis lets your business work smarter.

Save hours every week on time-consuming administrative and document-processing tasks and make your business more adaptive as you grow and change.

From HR to accounting, all your business departments can benefit from the efficient data processing that Doxis Intelligent Content Automation has to offer.

Companies that implement an AI-powered document system benefit from the following:

Better resource deployment for value-creating business activities
With OCR technology, even image and photocopy scans can be read and processed. Any file format can be stored, meaning your teams will no longer need to worry about converting incompatible files.

Reduced costs of document filing, access & archiving
Everything from emails, reports, invoices, contracts and job applications can be stored and organised using Doxis. The eFiles system connects all your sources together, making everything accessible in one place. With ChatGPT, you’ll also benefit from semantic search capabilities, making documents and data easier and quicker to access.

Automated workflows for greater process speed & enhanced efficiency
Automate the flow of information between all your apps, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Document reviews and releases can also be automated, saving time on unnecessary communications and avoiding bottlenecks.

Transparency & productive collaboration
Improve decision-making and employee knowledge with real-time shared information.

Reliable deadline management & fulfilment
Automated invoice and contract processing helps your business stay compliant and keep on top of deadlines with contracts and invoice payments.

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Connecting your company’s information and creating a shared content awareness are vital to boosting productivity and user experience. It also enhances visibility into your business performance, revenue opportunities, compliance and much more.

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation (ICA), offers the next level of enterprise content management with an AI-powered platform.

Find out more about how it works and how it could transform your internal business processes for the better.

Natural History Museum Catalogued 20 Million Records With Doxis

Doxis enabled the Natural History Museum to create an intuitive and scalable natural sciences collections management system.

The mammoth project saw over 20 million records, representing 7 million specimens being archived within the system.

The museum is also hoping to further improve internal processes, such as loans management. The project was all about finding a solution that could securely and efficiently house records on their growing collection.

Doxis proved to be the right solution. Plus, with ChatGPT built in, archivists are able to easily find documents with keyword searches.

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As an SER certified partner, let one of our experts walk you through the Doxis Intelligent Content Automation Platform.

Ignite Technology is a specialist supplier of software solutions for digital business transformation.

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We’ve helped businesses at all levels of maturity successfully integrate Doxis.

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We work with your business maturity level.
Our experts can implement the software for as few as 50 employees all the way up to thousands.

Reduce your time-to-integration. With our Doxis experts, you can significantly reduce the time-to-integration. In fact, our out-of-the-box templates mean you could be up and running in a matter of hours.

Get the most out of Doxis with ongoing support. We’re here to help you get the most out of your Intelligent Content Automation solution. With advanced notice of new features before they’re available to the public, we can also help you gain an advantage over competitors.

Get a smooth digital transformation.
Transferring all your documents and processes to a digital platform has enormous business benefits. But as with any large-scale change, careful planning and expert insight can help you get it right. The team at Ignite are here to help steer your business towards a smooth digital transformation.

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