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Increase the speed of software development by reducing the time spent finding and fixing risks with Broadcom continuous testing tools.

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Modern, intelligent test automation accelerates digital, agile and DevOps transformation.

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Rapid testing

Shift-Left, Shift-Right test practices speed up test cycles and reduce costly delays.

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Data-driven predictive insights & risk remediation delivers efficient business processes & site reliability.

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Continuous improvement delivers on quality customer experience and business success.

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Successful digital initiatives are made possible when businesses make a conscious shift to quality in their software development.

Broadcom Continuous Testing Tools from Ignite Technology help business leaders scale digital innovation with the use of intelligent test automation that constantly monitors, orchestrates and optimises Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflows.

Introducing Broadcom Continuous testing

By embedding quality throughout the software lifecycle, businesses eliminate QA bottlenecks to drive the speed and quality of their software releases. When teams constantly learn by testing for continuous feedback, they make informed decisions together that consistently improve the quality of their software experiences.

Our Continuous Testing Solutions

Agile Requirements Designer

Design test cases for efficient agile releases, test where it matters and deliver greater visibility and traceability of the impact of changes to make informed decisions.

BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform

Transform your testing centre of excellence to test at scale, increase agility and embrace open source technologies for Agile teams to shift-left, shift-right in test automation.

Service Virtualisation

Eliminate Costly Delays in Test Environments. Test to real world conditions with a unified continuous testing platform. Improve time to value when delivering on your digital initiatives.

Test Data Manager

Test exhaustively for quality digital experiences. Drive greater efficiency and compliance for test data delivery. Deliver winning applications faster with test data management.

Continuous Delivery Director

Test Exhaustively for Quality Digital Experiences. Drive greater efficiency and compliance for test data delivery. Deliver winning applications faster with test data management.

Continuous Testing FAQs

According to Wikipedia, “Continuous testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the business risks associated with a software release candidate. Continuous testing was originally proposed as a way of reducing waiting time for feedback to developers by introducing development environment-triggered tests as well as more traditional developer/tester-triggered tests.

For continuous testing, the scope of testing extends from validating bottom-up requirements or user stories to assessing the system requirements associated with overarching business goals.”

As the pace of business continues to quicken, companies are starting to recognise that to stay competitive the process of developing and releasing software needs to change. Release cadence has greatly accelerated. There is no occasion anymore for a 6 to 18 month find-and-fix turnaround in which the customer will find the delay acceptable. Things need to
move faster, and they need to be ready and perfect faster.

A sea of change is occurring in which the responsibility for testing is now being shifted leftward, closer to the beginning of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and then all the way along it. This is knocking down the wall that has traditionally separated developers and testers, making quality everyone’s responsibility. Testing has become more imperative because the consequences of not doing it properly have become more visible.

Find out more in the Continuous Testing Report 2020.

Broadcom’s route to market for the majority of customers is to rely on Tier 1 partners like Ignite to support the sales cycle, provide subject matter expertise and the real world implementation experience needed to become a trusted adviser.

Ignite’s position as a Tier 1 parter allows us to be a “one stop shop” for your licence, services, support and account management needs across the Broadcom Enterprise Software Portfolio. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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