API Management Solutions

Well-managed APIs are your building blocks to digital transformation. Bring data to life across the enterprise at every stage of the application’s lifecycle with Layer7® API Management from Broadcom, formerly CA API Management.

API Management Solutions

We hear about digital transformation a lot but what role do APIs play? For us, they’re about connecting the dots – or rather the data, people and technology – and ensuring any integrations are robust and flexible enough to form the foundation for any effective digital business.

How we can help

APIs are the glue connecting application backends with modern mobile and IoT devices and services.

Add microservices for an agile, flexible backend that will help you deliver great customer experiences and applications to customers across any device.

Our API Management Solutions

API Management

CA API Management, now Layer7® API Management from Broadcom gives you the speed and security you need to create an agile business at scale.

Layer7 API Gateway

Open data and applications securely to internal and third-party developers. Configured in a variety of form factors, scales easily and deployed in a failover environment for high availability.

Layer7 API Developer Portal

Empower developers by providing robust developer management capabilities that make it easier to plan, package, provision and monitor API usage by both internal and external resources.

Layer7 Live API Creator

Live API Creator is an innovative API lifecycle product that allows businesses to almost instantly create responsive, enterprise-grade REST APIs from both legacy and modern data sources.

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