ING Bank Turkey Streamlines Processes with Automic Automation

ING Bank Turkey is one of the country’s leading financial institutions, offering a wide range of products and services to individual and corporate customers in the areas of banking and investment services.

The Challenge

  • Optimize start-of-day and end-of- day business processes.
  • Reduce mean time to recovery.
  • Improve pinpointing and troubleshooting issues.

The Solution

  • Rapid creation of workflows.
  • Flexibility when managing complex dependencies.
  • Reliability and scalability to support high volume demands.

The Benefits

  • Processed ten times as many jobs in the same timeframe while reducing the necessary headcount by over 20%.
  • Eliminated start-of-day and end- of-day processing errors and met compliance objectives.

Automating the bank’s manual processes and complex manual decisions has had a transformative impact on ING Bank Turkey. The business is now leaner, more agile, and positioned to meet every compliance objective.

Halit Ayyilmaz  |  VP of Data Center and System Operations

Cae Study – ING Bank Turkey Streamlines Processing and Lowers Risk with Automic Automation