Software Support Services

We’re here to help with all of your enterprise software and mainframe support needs. From product configuration and technical assistance, to migration planning, training and ongoing support, we’re here to help you maximise the value you’re getting from your existing investment.

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We understand that the right level of support at the right time makes a huge difference to the success of your project – and is why so many businesses invest in extra support, over and above what’s provided by the vendor.

How we can help

From your initial engagement with our sales team, to implementation and ongoing support and end-user training, Ignite Technology’s highly experienced technical consultants will be your single point of contact throughout your digital transformation journey.

Consultancy services

We offer consultancy services throughout your project, and more than 50 clients have already taken advantage of the consulting support we provide around software implementation, upgrades and migrations.

Consulting services offered by Ignite include; Assessments & Roadmaps, Implementation Services, Upgrades, Integrations, Reporting (BI), Hosting and Education & Support.

Product support

Whilst annual software maintenance and product support is often provided by the software vendor, we streamline this process for you, solving any product-related bug or error. We will act as a support intermediary to provide the initial triaging of cases and contact the software vendor’s support team on your behalf.

Solution support

Our solution support packages are intended to complement the support offered by the vendor and go beyond product support. Solution support includes ongoing best practice advice, system configuration changes, Q&As, roadmap planning and more, all of which will help with user adoption and peace of mind. We’re here to help to ensure you’re getting the most out of your product.

Education & training

We offer education and training across our solutions portfolio, including Clarity project portfolio management, mainframe management software and business automation software. Available on-site or virtually, courses range from half day workshops on specific topics to week-long bootcamps, depending on the product or your requirements. Courses can be tailored depending on the approach and number of attendees and all course materials are included.

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