Mainframe Management Software

Our Mainframe Management Software & Solutions will give you a mainframe platform that’s integrated and agile – providing you with the best baseline to drive digital transformation and ensure continuity of service.

Mainframe Management Software

The modern enterprise relies on an increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud IT architecture so mastering that hybrid IT architecture — inclusive of the mainframe — is fundamental.

How we can help

Architecting the mainframe to be an integrated and agile platform doesn’t have to be complex or costly.

And that’s where we help. Ignite Technology offer a range of Broadcom Mainframe management software, solutions and services…

Mainframe DevOps & App Development

With Mainframe Application Development solutions from CA Technologies, enterprise application development organisations can easily manage, develop and maintain cross-enterprise applications using diverse teams, different tools, on multiple platforms to maximise team productivity, application quality and reliability.

Enterprise Security & Compliance

Whilst Mainframes are incredibly secure, it’s still crucial that you protect them from potential cyber threats and regulatory mishaps. Broadcom’s mainframe security product portfolio (including threat detection and privileged access management) gives you that ability. Cross-enterprise data security and compliance protects business-critical data, drives productivity and improves the enterprise’s overall digital profile.

Intelligent Operations Management & Analytics

We can help you to optimise your mainframe operations by bringing together data, machine learning, automation and advanced analytics – and as a result, help you spot issues before they happen and deliver the actionable insights you need to drive innovation, lower costs and improve IT efficiency.

Mainframe Consulting

We offer a range of mainframe consulting services, all of which are designed to maximise your investment and ensure the smooth (and cost-effective) running on your mainframe solutions and services.

Mainframe FAQs

Yes, we offer a mainframe audit service, which you can find out more about in our Mainframe Consulting page. In summary the audit will assess all aspects of your mainframe usage, including recommended roadmaps and mainframe cost optimisation strategies. We’ll also assess your current business continuity plans, provide performance tuning and capacity planning, and even help put a business case together for your mainframe migration or upgrade.

Yes we can. We understand that clients sometimes want to change their current Mainframe to a Broadcom Mainframe and we can help to do this for you.

There is certainly a perception that mainframes cost more over time than Windows or Linux servers. Yes that’s not the case. We wrote on this in our blog, looking at how to optimise mainframe licensing costs, while still benefitting from the scalability, security and robustness mainframe technology can offer. Read the blog, Does mainframe cost as much as you think?.

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