Clarity 15.9.1 product update Ignite Technology

Clarity PPM 15.9.1 Now Available

Improved timesheet & resource management views, better configurability and more…

As part of our ongoing partnership with CA Broadcom we are pleased to announce that Clarity 15.9 is now available for on-premise and SaaS customers.

This release continues to build on the value we believe the new UX can add for our customers, some of the enhancements we are most excited about are:

Use channels to embed external content (such as Power BI) into your investment views

You can now use channels to embed content from another source, such as an external site, application, or Classic PPM context-sensitive investment reports into Clarity. You can interact with the content and make informed business decisions without leaving Clarity.    

Timesheet enhancements

Including the ability to approve or return multiple timesheets in bulk, easily expand and collapse all timesheets in your view and the addition of a contextual right click when reviewing timesheets to allow easy approval or rejection.

Improvements to custom objects

You can now API-enable a third-level custom object using the UI or XOG and display it as a tab in the Details panel. You can also API-enable the custom attributes associated with custom sub-objects and make them available in Clarity. Both of these features improve Clarity’s configurability to meet more complex use cases.

Roadmap and hierarchy developments

You can now add Goal attributes to Roadmap Items and view the Goal for each investment. In addition, a new read-only grid layout, (the cross-object grid), has been added to hierarchies which allows users to drill down from Board view into detail analysed by investment type.

Resource management enhancements

In the Staff module users can now see actuals, estimate to complete, usage, remaining allocation and remaining availability as time scaled values. This feature, coupled with the addition of Days as a metric in the staffing overview, are welcome additions to the Resource Management functionality.

Various UX improvements

The UX improvements include enhanced Support for federated SSO, increasing the number of available channels for a blueprint; support for attachment attributes in the grid view; support for rich text format attributes; updates to the actual transaction grid view and improvements to the already extremely versatile filtering and group by in the “Common Grid” views throughout Clarity.

If you are an on-premise customer, you can download your copy of Clarity Release 15.9.1 online at Broadcom Support where you can also utilise Broadcom’s case management system. To install your product, follow the installation procedures for your product at Tech Docs.

If you are a SaaS customer, your environment will be automatically upgraded to the new release at a scheduled time following the 15.9.1 GA release date. Customers can expect a follow up communication with additional details related to automatic upgrades. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us or Broadcom Support directly.

If you’re looking for help or best practice advice on how to get the most out of your existing environment or the best ways to leverage these exciting new features, Ignite Technology as a Tier 1 Clarity partner for Broadcom who have been delivering successful implementations globally for over 15 years are here to help.  

Please visit our Clarity page or contact us for more information. 

You can also sign up to the Broadcom Webinar on 15.9.1 here.

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