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Five reasons organisations like yours choose Clarity.

Written by: Ben Raper

Looking for a PPM solution? Here are the five main reasons organisations choose Broadcom Clarity.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools help businesses deliver value faster by getting more insights, more extensive reporting, and a more strategic view of their projects, programs, or anything else they deliver as part of their portfolio.

But PPM can’t provide these benefits unless it offers robust reporting and analytics, and a compelling user experience that ensures widespread adoption. Broadcom Clarity PPM delivers both, and that’s likely a reason that so many businesses use it.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Clarity. In this blog, we’ll look at the five main reasons why organisations adopt it, and why you should consider it for your own business.

1 – A modern UX

Without a great user experience, even the most powerful, feature-rich software falls flat. After all, if users can’t quickly and easily keep data in your PPM up to date – or worse yet, they don’t use it at all – your solution won’t offer much value.

For some time though, UX has been an afterthought for your average PPM vendor. In the arms race of adding new functionality, PPM packages have become more powerful – but they’ve also become more cumbersome, overweight, and unwieldly.

That’s exactly why Broadcom has invested heavily in transforming Clarity’s user interface and experience. All of the features and power of Clarity are still there, but now it looks and feels better than ever.

For instance, Clarity now includes powerful grid views that offer a spreadsheet-like interface. With grid views, users can easily add and remove columns, group data and save custom filters/views to get rapid insights. This means the ‘click count’ for creating and maintaining vital data and business insights in Clarity has been significantly reduced system wide.. Grid view also means users can easily export data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis in familiar tools.

2 – Highly configurable

Comprehensive PPM should offer insights on the entire business and be used by the entire business. But naturally, different people and roles need to see very different things.

Clarity makes it easy to configure screens with customer-specific terminology and data points, allowing you to customise what each user sees. That means each member of your team gets the insights they need to make effective decisions – without getting overwhelmed by unnecessary data. And with custom templates, customers can define a blueprint for different types and sizes of work to avoid re-inventing the wheel and increase consistency across the portfolio.

A key differentiator is that Clarity does all this through a single, modular application with a single underlying database. That means users and developers both get what they need: easily configured role-based security, functionality and data views, without the development complexity or cost that often accompanies tools with a complex or disparate architecture.

3 – Powerful, flexible business intelligence

While some organisations will be happy analysing data in their PPM solutions, others will have a different destination in mind: their dedicated business intelligence solution.

It’s great when a PPM tool includes powerful, built-in BI features. Clarity provides exactly that, with TIBCO Jaspersoft fully integrated to provide a powerful reporting tool that helps users create ad hoc views and pre-formatted reports based on their Clarity PPM data.

However, some customers require additional flexibility or want to make the most of an existing investment in Power BI, Tableau, or other BI solutions. So, Clarity offers the best of both worlds allowing users to make the most of Jaspersoft, or connect Clarity data to many popular BI tools for reporting and consumption using an out-of-the-box ODATA connector.

Outside of BI integration, Clarity can also connect to other tools like Jira, SAP, or other third-party software. An experienced Clarity partner like Ignite Technologies can help integrate these solutions to expand your data capabilities.

4 – Loved by customers

It’s reassuring to know your chosen PPM solution is seen as a leader by key industry analysts. So, when we speak with organisations about their PPM options, we point them to IDC’s 2020 MarketScape for IT PPM and Agile PPM vendorsGartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for PPM, and the Q4 2019 Forrester Wave report on Strategic Portfolio Management for Agile Organisations. All these reports identify Broadcom and Clarity as a PPM leader.

What we see really turn heads though, is how positive other businesses are about Clarity. User reviews on both g2 and IT Central Station speak to Clarity’s broad feature set, robust architecture, and flexible deployment options – and how they hold up in the real world. And for a more in-depth view into how businesses use Clarity, Broadcom also has customer testimonials showing how businesses in a wide range of sectors are making the most of it.

5 – Extensive security and data privacy 

With so much data passing through a PPM tool, it’s understandable that security and data protection will be a high priority for organisations creating a vendor shortlist.

This is another area where Clarity’s focus on role-based usage can bring peace of mind. Clarity uses role-based security features to ensure defined roles such as resource managers, team members and project managers can only see the data they need to see. Clarity also applies security based on organisation structure. So, regional and departmental teams can be defined to ensure teams get access to the right data, whether that is view-only or full editing rights.

This role-based security carries across all types of data. Whether your organisation needs to control data at the field level, project level or within defined groupings, Clarity makes it easy to configure and maintain security – while helping you find the right balance between easy collaboration and data security and confidentiality. 

Even more reasons businesses like yours choose Clarity

When we speak with customers looking for PPM, these are some of the big reasons they see value from selecting Clarity as their PPM tool – and from choosing Ignite Technology as their trusted partner. But there are many other features that help Broadcom’s solution top the shortlists of businesses around the world.

To see the other reasons businesses choose Clarity, take a look at the 15 reasons organisations select Clarity PPM.

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