Stay in control of project deliverables with Clarity PPM

Stay in control of project deliverables and bring your products to market faster with Clarity PPM, a simple yet powerful software solution for planning and tracking project portfolios.

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While 80% of companies are trying to transform digitally, only 14% succeed. It’s time for a new approach. Clarity provides top-down roadmap planning and bottom-up agile execution to facilitate a more effective way of managing project deliverables.

Clarity is the leading enterprise solution built for strategic portfolio management (SPM), collaborative work management (CWM) and digital product management (DPM).

What can Clarity do for your business?

Enhance project visibility and control: The solution provides better visibility and control of projects, which can speed up delivery.

Collaborative work management: Clarity PPM offers collaborative work management features that promote team collaboration, such as to-do’s, checklists, and conversations. Plus, with a single source of truth, you won’t have to worry about employees using out-of-date information.

Self-service business intelligence: Users can create custom reports and dashboards with self-service business intelligence capabilities.

Resource management: Clarity PPM allows businesses to manage their resources effectively, including tracking resource use and availability months in advance.

Value stream management: Clarity PPM lets businesses nest multiple value streams under each investment with direct links to resource, work and financial data.

Clarity PPM product overview

Clarity is a simple, usable, and powerful portfolio management solution that is available on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Move beyond traditional project management to strategic portfolio and digital product management.
  • Organise investments your way with configurable types and fiscal periods.
  • Map your strategy to objectives on roadmaps.
    Prioritise work based on outcomes using our unique must-have ranking.
  • Empower your people with collaborative work and agile management.


Strategic roadmaps

Roadmaps can be custom-built to suit your workflow and ensure that all your projects and teams are on track and working towards the same goal.

  • Eliminate organisational fatigue and start planning your value streams on multidimensional roadmaps with drag-and-drop speed.
  • Map risks and dependencies and track progress in Clarity with agile team execution.

Powerful financial management

Clarity PPM provides an enhanced method of managing the finances and budgets of your project deliverables.

  • Ensure investments stay on target with familiar Microsoft Excel charting and grouping functions.
  • Customise investment types and fiscal periods for your business.
  • Connect your favourite BI software, including Power BI and Tableau.

Enhance team-based work

Information about team members’ availability should be at your fingertips. Clarity PPM provides one consolidated view of each employee’s project queue and their schedule.

Managers can assign tasks to teams with telescoping and pinning features that replace outdated filtering.

Idea management

Clarity PPM not only captures your organisation’s very best ideas, but it also makes sure you focus on the greatest value streams.

With a few clicks, you can convert projects into work with budgets, staff and tasks included.

Resource management

Juggling labour and non-labour resources can be challenging. Clarity simplifies the process.

By filtering available resources and investments down to the department or team level, you can match supply and demand across any major enterprise.

The solution support we get from Ignite is second to none. The team are always incredibly helpful and professional – whether that's investigating and resoving issues, acting as our intermediary with Broadcom Support or simply speaking to their team from more general product advice. I've been incredibly impressed with the service since day one.

Robin Fazal  |  Portfolio Office Manager, Smart DCC

How Ignite can help

By partnering with us, your digital transformation will be streamlined, and your business will be ready for the future – whatever challenges and opportunities that might bring.

Whether you have as few as 50 users or need access across the enterprise, we can help. We reduce time-to-implementation, and ensure you’re set up in the optimum way for your business operations.

An industry-leading product, combined with the skills and experience of Ignite consultants (many of whom have been working with Clarity PPM for over 10 years), has proved the key behind so many successful implementations.

As a Tier 1 Broadcom partner, you’ll even have earlier knowledge of new Clarity features, meaning you can stay competitive and consistently enhance efficiency.

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Top 10 tips on how to ensure a successful Clarity implementation

Based on our extensive experience implementing Clarity inrnorganisations of all sizes and complexities around the world, we’verncompiled a checklist of 10 key considerations to bear in mind to helprnfacilitate a successful implementation.

Digital Transformation – Tooling Assessment

Our analysis shows that those with the highest level of PPM maturity have greater visibility of the current state of their transformation and a higher chance of success.rnrnThis Assessment has been designed to present you with a series of questions used to assess Project Portfolio Management maturity in your organisation and provide you with actionable steps on how to improve.

Clarity PPM FAQs

Simply put, Yes. The tool has been rebranded a few times in the past few years from Clarity PPM to CA Clarity and but we are pleased to see the Clarity brand naming return with the tool now simply being referred to as Clarity. You may still see some content referencing historic naming but rest assured it is all referring to the same product.

PPM tools like Clarity from Broadcom are not just designed for the multi-million dollar large enterprise. We also have many small u0026amp; medium sized customers benefiting from the u0022Single Source of Truthu0022 Clarity can provide. As the product is licensed by the user, customers can start small (our starter package allows up to 50 users) and grow with the tool knowing the value really does outweigh the initial investment due to its scalability and configurability. u003ca href=u0022 in touch to see if your business is the right fit for a tool like Clarityu003c/au003e.

The pricing model for Clarity is very simple and is done entirely based on user license count. It is not gated by module used or number of projects stored in the system. A license grants access to all of the functionality within Clarity that you choose to show your users based on their role and organisation maturity. This allows you to create a roadmap to release new functionality at the right time, without incurring additional licence cost.rnrnThere are 3 licence types available with Clarity:rnu003culu003ern tu003cliu003eu003cstrongu003eFullu003c/strongu003e – Full use of the functionality and any enabled modules – Examples would be PM/RM/PMO roles.u003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eu003cstrongu003eRestrictedu003c/strongu003e – Functionality is limited such as Team Members or Executive access.u003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eu003cstrongu003eRead Onlyu003c/strongu003e – View Information only – Examples would be Exec or Third Party access.u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e

Clarity delivers a reporting platform that provides customers with a powerful yet simple reporting experience. Reporting can be delivered through user definable real-time end-user dashboarding (portlets), utlising Jaspersoft for Clarity, the integrated and self-service advanced reporting tool embedded in Clarity. Or delivered via any other third party BI tool using the OData connector to integrate products such as Tableau, Power BI, QlikView with the Clarity Data Warehouse.

Broadcom has designed products with ease of integration in mind. Clarity’s Integration Framework provides a platform to create inbound and outbound integrations between Clarity and your current systems.rnrnClarity includes u0022Out of the Boxu0022 connectors for Rally (Agile), Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint, SSO and third party BI Products (through the ODATA connector) and Ignite has packaged solutions for common integrations such as JIRA, SAP and Excel.rnrnWhere more complex integrations are required, they can be implemented with ease and speed because of Ignite’s extensive experience with application integrations.

Yes, we offer existing Clarity PPM customers a full range of consultancy, implementation and support services. You can find out more about these u003ca href=u0022

Broadcom’s route to market for the majority of customers is to rely on Tier 1 partners like Ignite to support the sales cycle, provide subject matter expertise and the real world implementation experience needed to become a trusted adviser.rnrnIgnite’s position as a Tier 1 parter allows us to be a u0022one stop shopu0022 for your licence, services, support and account management needs across the Broadcom Enterprise Software Portfolio. u003ca href=u0022 in touch to find out how we can helpu003c/au003e.

Clarity PPM Consulting u0026 Implementation Services

Ignite Technology also works with existing Clarity customers, supporting them with consultancy, implementation and training.rnrnu0026nbsp;

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