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Use Clarity on the go with a tablet or smartphone

Clarity is not just accessible through desktop computers and laptops. It’s also fully accessible on the go with a smartphone or tablet. Essentially, you can continue to increase your profits and revenue from the palm of your hand. By using your browser, you can log-in to your Clarity software from any device. With a fully responsive design, it’s just as easy to navigate on a smaller screen.

Designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

Clarity works as your business aid, helping you track progress and to make more informed decisions. Being able to use the interface from any device is another way to make the platform more accessible for everyone. You and your team won’t always have access to a computer, especially if you work on the move. But, that doesn’t have to stop you accessing the essential functions that keep your workflow running smoothly.

Once you’re all set up, the software should help you maintain consistency and transparency across all your business processes. It’s built for the hybrid work environment and can help you future-proof and scale-up your business with ease.

There’s also a dedicated mobile app

The mobile app is targeted at the Team Member / TImesheeter use case and provides a subset of the core functionalities, but it helps your teams to view progress and update timesheets from anywhere with a connected device.

Functionalities that you can access within the app include the following:

  • Update, review and approve timesheets
  • View your activity calendar
  • Customised notifications
  • Manage contacts
  • See your work in progress at a glance

The app is available on Apple or the Google Play Store.

Need help setting up all your Clarity features for your business and teams?

Speak to the expert Clarity consulting team at Ignite Technology. We have over 10 years of experience helping enterprise-level businesses grow and reach their full potential. Let us help you maximise your efficiency with a Clarity software solution that’s built with your business in mind.

Contact us to book your 30 minute initial consultation. We’ll show you how Clarity works and the key features that could work for your business requirements.

By Austen Moore

Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing Ignite Technology’s marketing initiatives, Austen uses market research and analysis to direct marketing strategy and planning. He oversees the production of all promotional materials and marketing campaigns. With over 20 years of experience managing a range of companies, Austen’s expertise centres around commercial management, enterprise content management, marketing, sales, project management and team leadership.