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How can I minimise the risk of project failure?

Every project is different, every business is different, and expectations are constantly shifting. With all that in mind, managing a portfolio of projects from conception to conclusion is no mean feat – but there are a few things you can do to minimise the chances of each one failing.

There are no quick fixes in project management – but hopefully these simple steps will help you see your projects successfully through to completion.

Set clear goals

A project is nothing without clear objectives. You (and your team as a whole) have to understand exactly what you hope to achieve by completing the project. What benefits will it bring to your business? Why is now the time to embark on the project? How long will it take to complete?

As well as setting broader goals, it’s important to set interim ones – milestones that you can tick off as you go along. This will ensure things are progressing in-line with expectations.

Choose the right talent

Now you know what you hope to achieve and when, it’s time for the how. By appointing the right team members to the right tasks, you’ll be able to collaborate and develop solutions to problems – sometimes before they even arise.

Broadcom’s Clarity PPM software offers filters to help project managers choose the right individuals for each task, allowing them to make best use of everyone’s skills to maximise a project’s chances of success.

Keep tabs on progress

Once you’ve set the wheels of your project in motion, don’t leave them to roll of their own accord. Sometimes, you may have to nudge them in the right direction – or even apply the brakes. Make sure you’re keeping up-to-date with progress and check in regularly with your team; asking them for regular updates is a great way to ensure things are running smoothly.

Analyse and improve

Now you know where you’re at, look at where you’ve been. Are there any lessons to be learnt from how the project has progressed so far? Are there any improvements to be made or goals to be tweaked? Arrange meetings with your team to make sure you’re doing all you can to succeed.

Choose the right software solution

All of the above is made much easier with the correct PPM project management solution. Clarity PPM is Broadcom’s industry-leading software, packed with features designed to help you make your projects a success from the word go.

At Ignite Technology, we can provide not only the software, but tailored consulting services to help you make the most of it. To learn more and see Clarity in action, book a demonstration today.

By Austen Moore

Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing Ignite Technology’s marketing initiatives, Austen uses market research and analysis to direct marketing strategy and planning. He oversees the production of all promotional materials and marketing campaigns. With over 20 years of experience managing a range of companies, Austen’s expertise centres around commercial management, enterprise content management, marketing, sales, project management and team leadership.