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Why it’s crucial to keep your automation platform updated.

Why it’s crucial to keep your automation platform updated

Workflow automation platforms have been proven to be highly beneficial for businesses around the world, but they cannot achieve their optimum potential if they aren’t kept up to date. Running systems on an old and outdated version can raise a host of issues that can have long-term negative consequences for any business operation.

With this in mind, it seems inconceivable that countless customers are still relying on unsupported old business process automation infrastructures, yet precisely this scenario can be seen in organisations nationwide. So, why is this occurring? And how can the issue be resolved?

Here, we take a closer look at some of the reasons why customers are failing to reap the benefits of the upgraded features that new versions of their digital business automation platform can bring.

Support And Training

After Automic was acquired by CA and then, subsequently by Broadcom. Many customers who originally knew where to get the help they needed when a problem arose, found their original routes to training and support had changed and they were unsure of the correct path to take.

Subsequently, they were unable to access any additional training and support for platforms like Automic One Automation (UC4), Dollar Universe workload automation, AutoSys, Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA), and AppWorx (applications Manager), these users have then been reluctant to go it alone and attempt to upgrade and use their product themselves without any guidance from the professionals.

Continuing to rely on the original version of their platform, they can at least be confident that they have the knowledge they need to use their systems effectively. Since there is no obvious support path for their upgrade, they also carry on relying on an infrastructure such as DBs or OS, that has also moved out of support.

Failing to reap the benefits of new features

If customers are using an outdated product version, they are missing out on a host of features and benefits that have been introduced in the most up-to-date version of their platform.

While this may not appear to be a significant issue, especially for users who believe they are managing just fine with their existing legacy system, in fact, they are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage when compared with their business rivals who are using the most recent versions.

Staying competitive couldn’t be more important for any business, and that means making the best use of automation platforms and harnessing their full potential to maximise their company’s productivity.

With an outdated product version, users are naturally on the back foot, with no access to the updates and additional improvements that could streamline their business still further and help them achieve their goals more efficiently.

Many customers remain unaware that the majority of Broadcom’s automation platforms have updated versions that offer a brand-new licensing model without any licence key restriction. This offers impressive flexibility within their current entitlement for high availability, environments, and agent/node types whenever the customer demands them.

By updating to the most recent product version, users can take full advantage of everything that these automation platforms have to offer and, thus, give their business a valuable boost.

A limited product lifecycle

While sticking with the original tried and tested version of their automation platform may seem like a good idea for some business owners, it raises some potential issues that many users remain unaware of.

There is a common misconception that automation platforms remain fully supported forever. Yet, this is far from the case. In fact, Broadcom operates a strict product lifecycle for Automation. Therefore, eventually, every existing automation platform version will become obsolete. While it will technically still function, training and support for these platforms will no longer be available.

Unfortunately, many customers are entirely oblivious to this information, and they only become aware that their platform is out of support when they attempt to raise a ticket for a critical issue that they are experiencing and discover that there is no longer any assistance available for them.

As a result, they then face the challenge of attempting to resolve the problem themselves without the essential guidance they require or of trying to sort out an unplanned upgrade on short notice without causing a break in their essential business systems.

How Ignite can help you with your automation platform upgrade

For any user who is currently continuing to use an outdated version of their automation platform, it couldn’t be more important to upgrade their system. For those who have remained with their original version due to a lack of a clear source of support and training, Ignite is on hand to assist.

Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we can help customers with all their automation platform upgrade needs, and as we are a Tier 1 partner with Broadcom, we are well-placed to highlight all of the benefits that can come with the adoption of Broadcom’s new licensing model.

If you’ve been searching for a way to access the essential help you need to bring your automation platform up to date, our team is pleased to give you the guidance you seek. We can work with you now to ensure your version update can be carried out in a timely manner before you experience a critical error and discover that your platform is no longer supported by Broadcom.

Failing to plan is, essentially, planning to fail, and we can help you to plan ahead so that you have the latest automation platform version running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Don’t wait until you have a problem with your legacy infrastructure – get in touch with us now. We can check the current level of support still available in your current automation platform version’s product lifestyle and, if you’re ready to upgrade to the most up-to-date product, we are more than happy to be of service.

Give us a call today and let us bring your business automation software solutions into the modern age.

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By Martin Hulbert

CTO at Ignite Technology

Martin is a seasoned Chief Technology Officer with over 20 years of diverse industry experience spanning consulting, professional services, oil and gas, finance, aviation, telecoms, and the public sector. Skilled in leading technological strategies, he drives business transformation through innovative solutions, exceeding client expectations and empowering organisations. Currently serving as CTO at Ignite Technology, Martin specialises in consulting, project leadership, technical architecture, and digital transformation, with expertise in areas like automation, database management, infrastructure design, and software development.

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