Employee & Customer Engagement

Deep internal insights empower leaders to make better, more-informed decisions. Understand exactly how your company works to boost productivity, collaboration & increase the bottom line.

Employees collaborating over project portfolio management

Leaders lack the insights to react to an ever-evolving workforce. The response has been to invest in new tools, over-communicate and micromanage — all of which has exacerbated leader-to-employee misalignment and impacted customer engagement.

How we can help

Ignite and Time is Ltd can help you save thousands of hours by making meetings more productive, improving employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Empower leaders to visualize company dynamics in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Gain the visibility and insights you need to understand the time spent with customers, increase average deal size, generate more revenue and drive sales success.

Time is Ltd. for PPM

Poor collaboration is the invisible enemy of project effectiveness. Time is Ltd. for PPM gives you complete visibility over how effectively your teams are working together to deliver the project goal.

By combining the insights from a collaboration analytics tool and the data you collect in your PPM solution, you can get a comprehensive view of how a new product or change programme is progressing.

Time is Ltd. provides the visibility and insights you need to see what is happening in your organisation.

Time is Ltd. customer engagement

We can provide specifically tailored insights that will give your organisation the knowledge and ability to create a highly productive revenue team.

By identifying sales members external pitching behavior and pulling in SalesForce data you can correlate the right behavior to generate more revenue. Your organisation will have the insights needed to create the most effective team to generate new business.

Track conversations with high revenue customers. Close more business, retain more customers. Reduce wasted time.

Time is Ltd. employee engagement

Improved team performance = stronger company performance with Time is Ltd. employee & customer engagement solutions.

Leverage a data-powered solution tailored to meet your companies’ specific needs and goals. Precise productivity goals are critical for building an agile, effective and collaborative organisation. Improve productivity, enhance employee engagement and drive business results.

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