Customer Engagement

With tailored insights that provide the knowledge your organisation needs to create a highly productive team. Drive revenue, close more business and retain more customers.

As a large enterprise using lots of communication tools, it’s hard to get a grasp on exactly what is the best prospecting path. Each team member believes they have the best outreach method. You need the right data insights to tell your team, “This is the path to closing more business.”

How can we help

We can provide specifically tailored insights that will give your organisation the knowledge and ability to create a highly productive revenue team.

By identifying sales members external pitching behavior and pulling in SalesForce data you can correlate the right behavior to generate more revenue. Your organistaion will have the insights needed to create the most effective team to generate new business.

Track conversations with high revenue customers. Close more business, retain more customers. Reduce wasted time


  • Automated sales activity tracking
  • View internal resources that are strained
  • Understand time spent with customers
  • Analyze the length of your sales cycle
  • See where your time is spent internally
  • Understand what drives sales success

Sales Team Benchmarks

Any good sales leader knows that the top performers embody a certain type of behavior.

With Analytics, leaders can see how much time your sales team is spending on external collaboration, how large their external network is, response time to emails, and much more.

Leaders can now teach that behavior with real-life data to drive positive change.

Companies typically spend too much time on the wrong customers

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