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With collaboration insights tailored specifically to the needs of PMO leaders and CIOs, Time is Ltd. for PPM is a revolution in team engagement and project productivity.

A PMI report found that 29% of failed projects fell short due to inadequate communication.

Change programmes have a communication problem. This represents a significant blind spot for organisations currently pursuing complex and costly change programmes or digital transformation initiatives.

How can we help

By combining PPM and collaboration analytics, organisations can shine a light on previously invisible yet vital signifiers of progress. By bringing all these insights together, product and programme leaders can better understand where things go wrong, how to get communication back on track and how to improve collaboration across future products and programmes.

See what’s happening

Poor collaboration is the invisible enemy of project effectiveness. Time is Ltd. for PPM gives you complete visibility over how effectively your teams are working together to deliver the project goal.

By combining the insights from a collaboration analytics tool and the data you collect in your PPM solution, you can get a comprehensive view of how a new product or change programme is progressing.

Predict future project success

The sociomaps visualize patterns of collaboration between individual teams as measured by their co-meeting activity at the beginning of the agile transformation (on the left) and after four months of ongoing transformation (on the right).

The closer the teams are on the map, the more intensive was their collaboration and vice versa. The height (colour coded) shows the level of overall collaboration activity, be it in-team or cross-team collaboration.

  • Predict project success
  • See warning signs of failure
  • Build future models to optimize for success

Make meetings more productive

New hybrid working models can create engaged employees – but introduce new execution risks.

Time is Ltd. for PPM improves employees engagement (by 23% on average) and increases the likelihood of success.

People analytics can be used for better informed management of agile transformation.

The nature of such transformation is neatly captured in infographics from Aghina et al. (January 2018). It shows the difference between a “traditional”, static, siloed and hierarchical organization on the left-hand side compared to a new, flexible, agile organization with its network of teams, rapid learning and fast decision cycles on the right-hand side.

Data-Driven Change Management: How To Measure Agile Transformation

See how an enterprise company used collaboration and communications data to drive agile transformation across the organisation and the business outcomes that followed.

Time is Ltds.'s core product created a 360° view of our entire digital communication and collaboration system, we're confidently improving our hiring, onboarding, and new employee engagement all of which are critical to continuing to successfully scale our business.

Mark Romagnoli  |  SVP of Operations, Wave Sports + Entertainments

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