Cutting time-to-market for digital banking services with CA Project Portfolio Management


Bci is a Financial Solutions Corporation that participates in all the business and financial operations that the General Law of Banks allows, offering products and services to the community through efficient, high-quality processes. Bci drives constant technological innovation, prudent risk management policies and rigorous ethical standards.


Bci aims to strengthen its market-leading position by launching data-driven services. To ensure its investments in digital transformation were delivering value, the bank wanted to increase the visibility of its project portfolio and empower employees to work more productively.


The bank uses CA Project Portfolio Management to simplify and consolidate the project management lifecycle and provide end-to-end visibility across a range of key processes. Today, 300 employees use the solution to manage 250 projects with a total budget of over US$80 million.


Bci is improving the efficiency and effectiveness of project management, reducing the number of dropped projects by 15 percent. Equipped with deeper insights, the bank is cutting time-to-market for innovative customer-facing services, helping it protect its market-leading position.

As one of Chile’s largest banks, Bci knows that continuous innovation is vital to maintain healthy growth. However, effectively managing hundreds of projects—all running in parallel—can be a tough challenge.

Claudio Andrés Hidalgo Flashar, Deputy Manager of the Department for Operations and Technology Management Projects, begins: “Consumer expectations around banking are changing, and we see increased demand for digital offerings that enable customers to manage their finances 24/7. In response, we’ve embarked on a digital transformation to bring these new services to our customers across Chile.”

Hidalgo continues: “Our digital transformation has sparked hundreds of projects. In the past, it was a challenge to keep track of these initiatives, how long they were taking, and which employees had the most time to take on new tasks. It was also extremely difficult to deliver reports on these key-performance indicators to senior managers in a timely manner.”

To boost the efficiency of its transformation and cut time-to-market for new services, Bci decided to replace its manual approaches to project management with a single, enterprise-wide solution.

Driving efficiencies across the business

Bci selected CA Project Portfolio Management (previously CA Clarity Project Portfolio Management)—a comprehensive project management solution that helps enterprises deliver quality initiatives on time and on budget.

Hidalgo continues: “We chose CA Project Portfolio Management because it offers real-time insights into resource allocation and progress across our transformation initiatives. One aspect of the solution that impressed us most was its intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to visualize the entire lifecycle of even the most complex projects from the top-down. The solution also integrates seamlessly with our SAP business systems, which we use to manage the procurement process for our transformation projects.”

Today, it’s quick and simple to gain an overview of all work in progress, set our priorities and allocate resources for maximum efficiency.

Claudio Andrés Hidalgo Flashar  |  Deputy Manager of the Department for Operations and Technology Management Projects, Bci

Bringing digital services to market faster

Today, 300 Bci employees use CA Project Portfolio Management to help drive the bank’s digital transformation helping the bank to enhance efficiency and cut time-to-market for new services.

The bank is now tracking 250 projects in parallel with a combined budget of more than US$80 million. By enhancing its ability to prioritize work and assign resources to the optimal projects, Bci has reduced the number of dropped projects per year by 15 percent. Crucially, project outcomes are improving, and the bank can quickly build compelling, comprehensive reports to demonstrate the value of its investments to senior stakeholders.

Hidalgo concludes: “CA Project Portfolio Management has transformed the way we manage our digital transformation. Today, it’s quick and simple to gain an overview of all work in progress, set our priorities and allocate resources for maximum efficiency. We look forward to building on our partnership with CA Technologies to help us to unlock further efficiencies within the business.”

Key Facts

  • 15% reduction in dropped projects
  • 300 active business users
  • 250 projects under management
  • Manages projects with a combined value of overUS$80 million

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