Ignite Technology New year, new view: Could there be a better way to manage multiple enterprise projects in 2022

Why investment in PPM should be a priority

Why investment in PPM should be a priority.

The correlation of business performance with PPM maturity.

Investment in an enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) solution is a big decision. The investment request to your Board may feel like a big ask. And the decision-making process is reliant upon many factors—from personal professional goals, team efficiency drivers and product features, to supporting your company’s strategic business objectives and transformation programmes.

Our recent survey, conducted by Ignite Technology in partnership with SAPIO Research, has identified that business outcomes can differ markedly according to PPM strategy—a lack of focus on PPM may put you at serious risk of falling behind your peers.

Download the report to gain insights into where you sit alongside your peers, how they make their purchasing decisions, and how the PPM maturity lifecycle is revolutionising thinking about PPM and digital transformation.

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