Ignite Technology managing digital products with DPM and VSM

From DPM to VSM – Managing digital products with Clarity

What is digital product management, how does it fit in with value stream management and what are the unique benefits you stand to reap?

Investment in digitalization is expected to grow $1.2 trillion in 2019 to $2.3 trillion in 2023. As such, companies that previously haven’t spent much time thinking about technology are now increasingly investing in understanding how technology is developed, how quickly it can be integrated into their business, and how well it responds to customers’ needs.

Digital Product Management is an evolving set of practices that are intended to address the shifts occurring in technology management because of digitalization.

In this guide you will learn insights into the following-

What is digital product management and what does it have to do with value stream management?

Business advantages of digital product management within value stream management.

How do I add digital product management to my value stream management?

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