Single Sign On SAML

Clarity moves to SAML for Single Sign-On

Clarity 15.8.1 now provides on-premise customers with SAML single sign-on. 

This allows on-premise users to connect Clarity seamlessly with Okta and Azure, two of the most widely used cloud environments in the market, and something the user community has wanted for some time.

Clarity SaaS users are not affected by this change as their environment already includes SAML sign sign-on.

Why Single Sign-On and SAML?

Single sign-on and SAML (security assertion mark-up language) provides users with the ability to sign-in to business applications once using one set of credentials. Benefits include better security, improved usability/employee satisfaction with IT systems and lower IT costs.

What help is available to move to SAML?

Here at Ignite Technology we can help existing Clarity On-Premise customers in several ways.

The first step is we will perform a health-check to establish the best option for your current Clarity environment.

Then depending on whether you would like us to take care of everything for you or prefer us to work with your internal team or third party supplier as a trusted advisor we can either;

  • Use our highly experienced resources to implement the move to SAML for you;
  • Or document the steps you need to take for your own team or third party supplier to manage, providing guidance and insight where required.

For more information about the move to SAML for Clarity On-Premise users, get in touch for an informal chat.