Doxis for Clarity

The integration of Doxis for Clarity accelerates the delivery of project and portfolio outcomes by enabling radical control and visibility for project teams and boosting productivity through enterprise-grade workflow automation.

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The biggest advantage of the system is how it schedules tasks for us, and assigns and monitors retention and deletion deadlines. We used to do this by hand, which was incredibly time-consuming and prone to error.

Jens-Uwe Gehrke , Deutsche Bahn AG – Doxis customer

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Organisations today are reliant on a growing ecosystem of software solutions that have not been designed to work together – those ‘silos’ are simply a fact of business life. However, when it comes to the software that is designed to enable business transformation, specifically PPM & EPM, such compromise may be a step too far.

The integration of the intelligent DOXIS content automation platform with Broadcom’s Magic Quadrant leading Clarity solution is a radical step forward in giving these critical teams a single view of project truth – what they need, when they need it, reducing risk, improving control and accelerating outcomes.

To find out how your Clarity users can benefit from having one view of the truth, let an expert walk you through the integration of Doxis for Clarity.

Greater visibility

One source of project content truth from within Clarity. Everything your organisation and project partners need in one place at your project team and partners fingertips.

  • Collect project content from any source –incl. Clarity: Commercial documents, contracts, legal agreements, CAD drawings, email and even multimedia content (pictures, video, 3D graphics & animations)
  • Assign content to electronic project files & project workspaces, e.g. organized by the work breakdown structure
  • Doxis iRoom – virtual project rooms for partners & experts
  • Project dashboard / info cockpit

Remove project friction

Shorten processing times, prevent errors and improve resource utilisation by linking content and process through workflow automation. Automate next steps and deliver the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time.

  • Hybrid workflow automation – predefined process + ad-hoc additions
  • Doxis Intelligent Drive: Automated/assisted metadata extraction/ generation
  • Doxis Intelligent Context: Automatically assign emails to the correct business context
  • Task-focused dashboards

Enhanced governance

Project contracts, costs and risks under control with visibility of, and access to, all project status, partner performance, change request, contracts and obligations – from within Clarity.

  • Automated governance: retention & ECA rules
  • Advanced compliance: Confidentiality labels, legal hold & redaction
  • Document & project versioning: Project baselines / snapshots of complete project workspaces
  • Improved visibility: Project dashboards, complete audit trail, activity feed & automated notification

Doxis for Clarity

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I wake up every day excited to use Doxis4! It genuinely gives us a huge advantage and makes our work so much easier. I couldn’t imagine going back to how things were. Who would have thought such a quick and easy project would change so much?

Nina Orywal, HANSA-FLEX AG – Doxis Customer

The holistic and transparent approach to processes is a key reason why the continued existence of isolated solutions is no longer wanted.

Cornelius Hilbig, Eissmann Group Automotive – Doxis Customer

The workflow is even so smart that it recognizes if there is an amendment or new proposal, if the project is still within the budget and the available financing should be requested, or if the budget is being exceeded and additional financing is needed. If this is the case, the workflow initiates the next decision-making level.

Ralf Everding, IT Raffinerie Heide GmbH – Doxis Customer

The information has to be there when I need it. If I am required to make a decision then I want the necessary information to be provided automatically without having to look for it. That means the information must be consolidated and the various programs interlinked. Integrated enterprise content management — that was the vision we had right from the start.

Jens Düssel, DEGES – Doxis Customer

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