Rally – Q3 2020 Release Notes

Q3 2020 Release Notes

These notes provide pertinent information regarding features, changes, and defect fixes that were periodically released to Rally from July 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020.

Hardware and software requirements, compatibility, and known issues for the Rally Enterprise and Unlimited Editions during this time period are also provided in the main Release Notes.

We have updated the Rally UI. For information about these changes, see What’s New in Rally.

Information in these release notes refers to the new UI.

End of Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge

Following Microsoft’s August 17 announcement that support of IE11 and Legacy Edge will be sunsetting in the near future, Rally has decided to remove support for these browsers. Be advised that starting November 30, 2020, Rally will no longer support the IE11 or Legacy Edge browser versions. We recommend that you switch to another browser for your ongoing use of Rally before that date to avoid any functionality issues that may occur once support is removed. After November 30, functionality and performance in those browsers will likely degrade over time as Rally removes the code implemented to support them.

Rally Administrator Guide

To improve your experience with Rally help, we have reorganised the information most commonly used by Rally administrators into the Rally Administrator Guide. This guide consolidates information that Rally administrators (Subscription, Workspace, and Project) can use to set up and maintain Rally. Many help topics were moved as part of the Rally Administrator Guide reorganization. If you bookmarked pages that are now part of the reorganized section, you may need to update your links to the new location.

New Rally Status Page Location

The existing Service Status pages (http://status.rallydev.com/ and http://status.eu.rallydev.com/) have transitioned to the Broadcom Service Status platform: https://rally.status.broadcom.com.

Current Service Status URLs will automatically redirect to the new URL until October 31, 2020. If you have any bookmarks, update them to reflect the new URL.

Customer Managed Keys (CMK)

Maintenance information has been added for Customer Managed Keys (CMK), including: Rolling Keys Moving From One KMS Provider to AnotherRemoving CMK From Your Rally Subscription.

A progress bar has been added to the Subscription page, to allow visual monitoring of the Encrypt All process.

Age of Cards on Iteration Status Page

You can configure when to display the age of cards on the board view of the Iteration Status page.

Scrum Master Guide

Rally help now includes a Scrum Master Guide. The guide introduces some of the most useful features in Rally to help scrum masters facilitate successful Agile teams.

Rally Footer Removed

In classic navigation, we removed the footer from Rally. The Support and About links are now available from the profile menu at the top right of all pages. The Recycle Bin is now available at Home, Recycle Bin. New Menu for Custom ReportsCustom reports are available from the Reports, Custom Reports menu.

Administrator Video Tutorials

The Rally administrator video tutorials have been moved to the Rally Administrator Guide.

Rally On-Premises

Information about updates to the Rally On-Premises software may be found in the On-Premises Release Notes for your version.

Should you need help to understand these new features, or to implement the latest release, Ignite Technology as a Tier 1 Broadcom partner are delighted to help. 

Please contact us for more information.