Rally – New UX Improvement Announced

What’s New In Rally

We are rolling out new and exciting updates to Rally. Rally users will benefit from a modernized user experience, equipped with developer-centric features, and complete with enterprise-class security. These changes will more readily enable your organization to deliver value with speed, quality, and efficiency.

Redesigned Login Page

We have released the new Rally Software login page. Use the same credentials to log in as you did before.

Modernized User Experience

If your Subscription Administrator requested the new UI, you should see it upon login. There are no changes to the app SDK, so any custom pages you have in place are not impacted.

If you do not see the new UI, check with your Subscription Administrator to verify whether you should have it.

User Stories Page

Filtering works differently on the new User Stories page.

If you need to switch to the deprecated version of User Stories, select the See the deprecated UI exclamation point icon at the top left of the page and select Open Deprecated User Stories Page. You automatically return to the updated UI each time you navigate back to the page.

If you have feedback on the new User Stories page, use the feedback button.

Recreating Quick Views

Pre-existing Quick Views are no longer supported on the updated pages.

Read about quick views for information regarding recreating quick views.

Printing from the Updated Pages

The print functionality is not available on the pages in the new UI (Backlog, Defects, Iteration Status, Portfolio Items, User Stories, Work Views). To print the contents of these pages:

Select the Import/Export actions icon actions icon and select one of the following:

Download CSV of this view: Create a *.csv file using the fields currently selected on your window

Download CSV with more columns: Select additional fields to include in the *.csv file

Open the exported list in the application of your choice.

Use the application to print the list.

GitHub Integration

We have a GitHub native integration currently in beta (Rally Bot GitHub App Integration). It allows developers to connect Rally stories and defects to pull requests in GitHub. This integration is only available for GitHub.com and GitHub Enterprise Cloud (not Server) users at this time.

Enterprise-Class Security

Rally is committed to protecting your data with enterprise-class encryption, and we proudly hold the following certifications: ISO 27001, SOC-2, NIST 800-53r4 and FISMA ATO. We will also offer a premium security offering called Customer Managed Keys (CMK) for customers who seek an added layer of protection. This is a paid feature that provides our customers with complete control of their data in Rally using encryption keys.

Should you need help to understand these new features, or to implement the latest release, Ignite Technology as a Tier 1 Broadcom partner are delighted to help. 

Please contact us for more information.