Automic Applications Manager 9.3

The latest version of Automic Applications Manager is now available. Here are the updates:

Oracle 18c Supported

In Applications Manager 9.3, Oracle 18c databases are supported. For special instructions, see Creating the Database Account in the Installation Guide.

Specifying a Unique Location for Multiple Keystore Files in v9.3.1

Starting with v9.3.1, you can specify a unique location for multiple keystore files. To do this, you create a C:\Users\<user name>\AppWorx\<master name> folder for each master in the file on each user’s client machine where <user name> is the actual user’s name and <master name> is the name of the master.

Then put copies of the user_keystore and user_keystore_config files for each master the sub-directory for that master.

RunClient.jar Error Messages Now in the start Client.log file in v9.3.1

When starting the local client by double clicking on RunClient.jar (or a shortcut to it) in version 9.3.1 or above, if it fails to start the error will now be in the startClient.log file.

Changes in Behaviour

Executable .jar File for the Client Must Be Downloaded and Configured

You must now download the Applications Manager client from the URL set during installation. To get this URL, see your Applications Manager administrator. Before logging in the first time, you need to configure the client for the Automation Engine(s) you will be logging into. Once configured, you open an executable .jar file.

For more information, see Opening the Applications Manager Client and Logging In in the User Guide.

Custom SSL Certificates for Connection Authentication Now Required

You must use a custom SSL certificate for connection authentication by creating user_keystore and user_keystore_config files on the Automation Engine and client machines. For more information, see Using CustomSSL Certificates for Connection Authentication in the Installation Guide.

Key files No Longer Required

Starting with Applications Manager 9.3, license checking with keyfiles is no longer required for Automation Engines or agents.

Should you need help to understand these new features, or to implement the latest release, Ignite Technology as a Tier 1 Broadcom partner are delighted to help.

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