Intelligent Content Automation for Financial Service Providers

Doxis brings all your documents, databases and information together in one place.

The future of processes and systems is digital. Ignite is at the forefront of helping enterprises integrate document management systems for financial services with their already existing applications.

The result? Save time, money and resources on your financial functions, including invoice processing and audit checks.

Ignite Technology enterprise intelligent content automation software

Why are financial services switching to Doxis?

When handling all your internal processes, from customer relationship management to compliance and fraud checks, traditional methods are fast becoming outdated and inefficient. Banks and financial service providers are increasingly looking at digital solutions, like Doxis, to enhance the service they deliver and the way they work.

With Doxis, you can help deliver a faster and more secure service while creating a more productive work environment.

How we can help

The experts at Ignite Technology have worked with enterprises and businesses at all levels of maturity to help them select the document management system that meets their exact requirements.

Explained simply, we act as your long-term consultant, advising on the latest updates and ensuring you’re getting the most out of your Doxis solution.

Many organisations may not have clear processes in place or worry about a lack of technical support. With a dedicated point of contact at Ignite, we can offer all the support and expertise you need.

In fact, we can speed up the integration process. With our out-of-the-box templates, you could be set up in hours.

Benefits of Doxis for Financial Service Providers

Intelligent content automation for financial service providers by Doxis offers many benefits for banks and financial service providers.

  • Simplify invoice processing with automations
  • Create audit-proof documents
  • Enhance compliance & reduce the risk of fines or human error
  • Keep customer, client & employee data secure
  • Improve customer & supplier relationships
  • Boost return on investment

Speak to Ignite’s team to find out more about how Doxis could help your financial services.

On average, employees spend 90 minutes a day looking for information

Doxis lets your enterprise create and store digital copies of all your documents. Your accounting and financial teams can access everything they need in one place. This saves time on internal processes, which enhances client and supplier relations.


Cost savings analysis of eliminated search times
Number of FTEs (40h/month1005001000
Annual wage costs incl. employer contribution
(€ 30.00)
5,760,000 Euro28,800,000 Euro57,600,000 Euro
Annual time spent searching for information
(on average 90 min./day): 360h/year
36,000 h180,000 h360,000 h
Annual wage savings resulting
from elimination of search times
1,080,000 Euro5,400,000 Euro10,800,000 Euro

Businesses that use Doxis

Banks and financial-sector businesses from all over the world use Doxis to simplify and enhance their internal accounting and administration processes.

Aareal Bank Group, a leading financial service provider based in Germany, successfully used Doxis to achieve the following results:

  • Central platform with document and record organisation
  • Electronic housing record with a contract generation workflow
  • Automated invoice processing and verification
  • Electronic organisation manual for written rules of procedure

We launched a centralised ECM platform with the goal of creating order, transparency and auditability within our corporate document-based processes. With Doxis, we've reached this goal.

Petra John, responsible for written rules of procedure, Aareal Bank Group

Doxis Intelligent Content Automation

To find out more about the features and how they could be applied to your financial service applications, download the brochure on AI-powered enterprise document management with Doxis.

This solution can assist with money laundering checks, invoice processing, HR and back-office finance functions, financial performance and compliance reports, customer service communications, and much more.

Doxis Invoice Automation

Eliminate the manual work of processing invoices. With Doxis intelligent invoice automation, your accounting departments will automatically be updated on invoices that need reviewing.

Workflows will be auto-generated to ensure smoother, faster invoice processing. This saves time and resources and ensures timely payments to all your suppliers.

Learn more about Doxis intelligent content automation

GEFA BANK Customer Story

GEFA BANK processes and stores all their sales financing documents with Doxis, including:

  • Automated inbound invoice processing with invoice reading and verification
  • Workflow-managed case processing with electronic records for business partners and contracts
  • And more…