Enterprise Content Management for Utility Companies

30 years in the making, Doxis is a leading document management system for utility companies around the world.

This system is versatile and scalable, so whatever you need it for right now or in 10 years’ time, Doxis can grow with you.

Doxis is able to integrate with all your existing systems, creating a shared base for all your information and delivering data on-demand. The enterprise content management Salesforce integration has plenty of benefits for utility companies.

Ignite Technology enterprise intelligent content automation software

How can Doxis help your utilities company?

With Doxis, your utility company won’t need multiple licences for all your content management systems. Instead, you’ll have a single base from which to access, archive and update all your documents and information.

By saving time and money, you can grow your business while delivering a more efficient service for your customers and stakeholders.

Whether you’re operating in energy, transport or telecommunications, Doxis offers an outstanding level of versatility. It’s flexible and you can build an interface that works for your unique requirements.

How we can help

Ignite Technology acts as your digital transformation partner. We’ve done all the market research so you don’t have to. That means you’ll only be offered what we know to be the best systems available on the market. With a forward-thinking approach, we ensure that any solution you choose will work with both your short and long-term business goals as well as being adaptable to changes.

Our specialists will assist with every step of the process and provide after sales support. With a tried-and-tested onboarding process, we’ll ensure everything is tailored to your requirements and that you can start using all the features from the offset.

Benefits of Doxis for utility companies

Utility companies are increasingly searching for systems that can help them maximise internal operation productivity while also driving up customer satisfaction.

Doxis can help your company achieve exactly that, using the systems that your team already knows, such as Salesforce.

  • Reduce legal risks
    With the Salesforce integration, compliance will be easier to prove and ensure data protection is being upheld.
  • Enhance visibility of customer processes
    Your teams will be able to access all the information they need in just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced customer service
    Enabling faster and more accurate internal processes will help ensure you deliver a better service for customers.

Your employees could be wasting 36% of their day…

Employees looking for information on customers, suppliers or projects spend 36% of their day trawling through as many as 11 different systems. This not only slows down processes; it also increases risks.

You can connect all your content systems so there are no silos or islands. With AI automation, you can also save hours or weeks of time compared to manually processing the same information.

Cost savings analysis of eliminated search times
Number of FTEs (40h/month1005001000
Annual wage costs incl. employer contribution
(€ 30.00)
5,760,000 Euro28,800,000 Euro57,600,000 Euro
Annual time spent searching for information
(on average 90 min./day): 360h/year
36,000 h180,000 h360,000 h
Annual wage savings resulting
from elimination of search times
1,080,000 Euro5,400,000 Euro10,800,000 Euro

Businesses that use Doxis

Leading utility companies, such as DHL, rely on Doxis to fulfil their content management requirements.

Our hunt for an ideal document management solution has reached global proportions, but it turns out that the answer was right in front of us all along – just across the River Rhine at SER.

Martin Treder, Global IT, DHL Express

Doxis enterprise content management

By using an intuitive AI-powered system, you’ll be able to streamline your content management processes and document filing.

One of the biggest benefits is saving time and money on document and information processing.

With the seamless connection of all your systems, your teams will be able to access all the information they need in one place. No more time-consuming and frustrating logging in and out of all your systems.

With just one licence, you can manage everything efficiently while reducing the risk of human error.

Doxis SmartBridge

Doxis SmartBridge can help you connect your information ‘islands’ by bringing all your existing systems together, including SAP and Salesforce.

Features include automated filing of Salesforce documents and creation of eFiles for accounts, leads, campaigns and more.

Download the solution brief to find out more.

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DHL customer story

Leading logistics company, DHL, generates 130 million new documents every month. This is vital for the smooth management of DHL’s complex supply chains.

With Doxis, DHL launched the world’s largest commercial document archive: the Global Imaging Archive.

Storing over 8.5 billion documents that are available worldwide, Doxis ensures this capacity can easily grow with demand