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86% of global financial services organisations lack trust in their data

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98% of global finance leaders say data silos exist in their business

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37% of global finance businesses highlight delays in getting data as a big challenge

Strategy, work, people and money should be connected to one solution, so your organisation can benefit from faster digital transformation that delivers for customers and regulators alike.
Decision-makers in your business need a 360-degree view of every project, variable and strategic plan.

Today’s finance leaders understand that growth means managing innovation, not managing a series of operational silos that create a backlog. They need the ability to create—and maintain—a shorthand view of what every business unit is planning and doing and how it supports a global strategy.

Accelerate Growth

Increase revenue by 23% through better project alignment with strategic goals.

Boost Productivity

Reduce project delays by 35% with streamlined planning and execution.

Enhance Collaboration

Improve team satisfaction by 40% with a unified approach to portfolio management.

Banking, Client Portfolio Lead

Strategic roadmapping for banks and financial services

It’s time to move beyond pseudo-project portfolio management solutions that were really only designed for tactical IT demand management. While these tools may be capable of aligning resources to work, they can quickly become a barrier to meaningful innovation by encouraging cumbersome, bottom-up planning.

People-Centric Strategic Portfolio Management – eBook

In the evolving realm of technology funding and planning, a fundamental shift is underway. It’s time to move beyond funding individual projects to investing in value-delivering teams—a concept known as people-centric planning.

Discover why it’s crucial, explore three key steps for success and find guidance on where to begin this transformative journey.

A modern approach to Strategic Portfolio Management – Whitepaper

Technology planning and funding continues to look very much like it did 10 or even 20 years ago. These legacy approaches continue to place a strain on businesses, creating inefficiency and waste and stifling agility.

This whitepaper describes why legacy approaches are so problematic for modern organisations, and it reveals how people-centric planning approaches can help. Continue reading to learn more about this approach and how it can benefit your organisation.

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