Healthcare Enterprise Content Management

Worried about keeping your patient data secure? Tired of the admin backlog? Patients and healthcare providers deserve more efficient ways to manage the administrative side of the healthcare system.

With Healthcare Enterprise Content Management, many of the time-consuming processes can be automated, helping to reduce the backlog and snowballing amounts of administration processes.

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Build a better healthcare service with Doxis

Doxis healthcare enterprise content management lets you enhance the service that is offered to patients and reduce the strain on administrative staff. It’s the solution that healthcare providers need to improve the service they provide.

It’s also future-ready, so you won’t have to worry about the software becoming obsolete or encountering limitations.

Powered by AI, image scans and online files are scanned and archived using the most advanced machine-learning technology available.

What does Doxis have to offer?

✔ Streamline all your efforts for enhanced productivity and work output. Doxis lets you build automated processes that integrate with your existing workflows. Document processing can also be automated, saving time and money on administrative processes.

✔ Easy-to-use interfaces mean it won’t take long to onboard your staff and enable them to adjust.

✔ No more switching between software solutions and platforms. Doxis supports integrations with the leading healthcare software, making everything accessible in one place.

✔ Cloud-based so all users can access it easily, no matter where they’re working.

✔ Decide who has access to what. All actions and changes are tracked.

What are the benefits?

Keep patient data secure: Remove the stress and cost of data breaches by keeping all your patient data secure. This solution also provides data protection for remote-working employees.

Cost savings: With reduced time spent processing patient documents and files, you can redirect cash to other departments or save on costs.

Happier patients & staff: Your administration staff will also be under less strain, and patients will be happy that their cases and communications are being dealt with promptly.

Less effort, enhanced productivity: Your teams can enjoy immediate, comprehensive access to the healthcare content and data they need. Automated verification and validation processes reduce the amount of manual work required, so your team can focus on other high-priority tasks.

Quality assurance: All aspects of the patient healthcare process are fully documented and traceable. You’ll also be able to fulfil patient communications in a timely manner.

Healthcare Admin Made Easy With Doxis

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As an SER-certified partner, our experts can walk you through the Doxis platform and how it works.

Ignite Technology is a specialist supplier of software solutions for digital business transformation. We combine technology expertise with outstanding consulting services to support a seamless software transition for healthcare organisations.

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We cater to businesses of varying levels of maturity. For firms with as few as 50 employees all the way up to major corporations with thousands of employees, we’ve helped businesses at all levels of maturity successfully integrate Doxis.

Save significant time and hassle. With our pre-built templates, your Healthcare Enterprise Content Management System can be ready to use in just a few hours – a substantial reduction in integration time. 

Comprehensive ongoing support helps you get the most out of your Doxis solution. Get an advantage over your competitors with advanced notice of feature upgrades.

Achieve a seamless digital transformation. Such a significant transition should be carried out with tried-and-tested professional insights to ensure success. The specialists at Ignite can direct your company towards a seamless and successful digital transformation.

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