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The Definitive Guide to AIOps

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In recent years, Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) has emerged as a better solution to the challenge of ever- increasing complexity in IT. AIOps leverages Big Data, data analytics and machine learning to provide insight and enable a higher level of automation (one that does not depend extensively on human operators) for the management tasks that modern infrastructure and software require.

This guide is designed to help you in making the migration toward AIOps. It defines AIOps and assesses the current state of AIOps within the IT industry. It also identifies and explains the core components that drive AIOps, as well as the main use cases for AIOps-powered tools.

Access our latest Guide to discover more about:

  • What is AIOps?

  • Data collection and normalisation

  • Detecting anomalies

  • Causal analysis, prediction and trends

  • The future of AIOps and data analytics

Download our latest Guide