Scanned Fingerprint For Identity Security

Providing the right access to the right Apps

Symantec provides a single integrated identity provisioning and governance solution that accommodates the demands of the largest enterprises and offers the flexibility to serve millions of consumers on a single platform.

Symantec is trusted by the world’s most significant brands to manage hundreds of millions of identities globally.

For enterprises looking to reduce security exposure, Symantec Identity Suite provides a company- wide solution that is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to maintain. For business owners deploying consumer- facing applications to reduce the friction of managing consumer access to applications, Symantec Identity Suite provides a scalable, developer-friendly and flexible solution to enable the customer journey.

Download the solution brief to find out more about

  • Modern Identity Governance and Administration

  • Convenient Business User Experience

  • Simplified User Provisioning and Governance

  • Scalable Digital Consumer Identity Management

  • How Symantec can help your business stay secure.

Download the solution brief – Providing the right access to the right Apps