Planview Portfolios

Translate strategy into results with Planview Portfolios for large enterprises

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Planview Portfolios enables enterprises to accelerate strategic execution and achieve maximum business performance.

Ignite Technology is a Planview partner, offering licenses, implementation, training and support services.

  • High level visibility – Make informed decisions every step of the way. Provide executive-level performance visibility and governance.

  • Strategy – Translate strategy into delivery across the enterprise. Connect investments, outcomes, capabilities, milestones, technology, and financials to achieve strategic goals.

  • Planning – Optimise portfolios to ensure outcomes. Balance people, costs and work; adapt plans with change; visualise relationships between strategies, capabilities, apps, programs, projects.

  • Execution – Manage and deliver all types of work, from traditional projects to agile epics. Plan activities, track costs, and balance teams and resources.

High level visibility

With interactive, easy-to-use dashboards, you can gain high-level visibility into the state of your portfolios. You will be able to see performance on strategy, programs, projects, products, applications, technologies, and resources.

More than 200 packaged reports and visualizations for an in-depth understanding of the portfolio, product, program, and project landscapes.

Make data-driven decisions and quickly take action.


Measure what matters. Connect and align strategy to key organizational goals and objectives. Set financial targets for your portfolios. Manage to them with capabilities for budgeting, forecasting, and tracking costs and benefits.

Rank and analyze investments by business drivers and use what-if scenarios to compare options. Create an optimized portfolio to drive strategic success.

Build roadmaps that connect strategy, programs, products, projects, epics and technology. Keep the organization aligned to ensure the delivery of products, technology and applications.


Support incremental funding at multiple levels for enterprise strategic initiatives: organizational programs and projects, products, epics and features. Collect and evaluate demand across the enterprise from unstructured ideas to formal program and project requests, all in one place.

Continuous investment and capacity planning support maximizes your resources for strategic outcomes.

Connect Agile team planning with strategic and portfolio planning, ensuring delivery is integrated across demand, capacity, and financials tied to strategic initiatives.


Get the most effective use of your resources. A scalable user experience ensures everyone is working on the right priorities to deliver the right outcomes.

Define, manage, and automate processes for proposing, planning and delivering projects, program, and products.

Automatic capture of Agile team activity, translated into cost and capitalization. Roll-up work status and progress into a consolidated, fully auditable record of actual Agile costs.

See planned and actual financials of projects and programs. Make sure things are on track to deliver on-budget, and head off issues before they affect the plan.

Planview Portfolios enables enterprises to accelerate strategic execution