Building Telco resilience: a CIO's guide to automation

Building Telco resilience: a CIO’s guide to automation

Data drives the Telco sector, and safeguarding its integrity is paramount. In today’s dynamic telecommunications industry, operational resilience is far from being a mere buzzword—it’s a strategic necessity. Here’s a concise guide for Telco CIOs on harnessing the power of automation to bolster the resilience and efficiency of their telecom companies.

1. Lower costs and elevate customer experience
Automation isn’t just about optimising processes; it’s a catalyst for enhancing customer experience. One of our operational resilience experts, Asad Khan of Telenor Sweden, rightly emphasises, automating tasks like user role changes not only reduces costs but also expedites customer requests. The days of waiting for manual adjustments are over; automation delivers immediate results, leading to heightened customer satisfaction.

2. Fortify resilience with automation
Operational resilience in the Telco industry revolves around the protection of your data. Automation ensures data remains unaltered and dependable, even when confronted with disruptions. As Khan underlines, redundancy, backups, disaster recovery, and fault tolerance are pivotal components of resilience. Automation is the driving force behind achieving these objectives by eliminating human errors and ensuring timely task completion.

3. Efficiency as a path to resilience
While the primary aim of automation may be efficiency, it invariably contributes to resilience. Initially, Telenor aimed to free up time for more value-adding tasks, not to replace human workers. However, as Martin Hulbert, CTO of Ignite Technology, aptly highlights, the dependability that automation brings becomes the cornerstone of operational resilience.

In summary, Telco CIOs can leverage automation to cut costs, enhance the customer experience and strengthen operational resilience. Automation’s efficiency not only streamlines processes but also reinforces the data integrity of your Telco company. By embracing automation, you’re not only better prepared to navigate the ever-changing Telco industry, but can also ensure the reliability of your data and the satisfaction of your customers.

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By Austen Moore

Marketing Manager

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