Reduce admin work & prevent wasted time with PPM software

Reduce admin work & prevent wasted time with PPM software

One of the biggest headaches for a PMO is the admin. Large chunks of valuable time can seemingly disappear into thin air. Report writing, keeping up on internal notifications and making sure all key stakeholders are kept in the loop and projects or portfolios don’t go awry is a time-consuming endeavour.

To avoid getting sucked into a black hole of admin, it is helpful to know that there is a better way to manage projects and portfolios.

In this guide, we’re looking at ways PMOs can reduce admin work and minimise wasted time with PPM software.

What is PPM software and how can it help with time management?

PPM software is all about driving efficiency. The tools that are available for PMOs and executives have the power to completely transform the way projects and portfolios are managed. These tools include the likes of Planview AdaptiveWork PPM Software.

Let’s explore the key features and how they can help save valuable time.

Reduced production waste with a single source of truth

With a single source of truth, you can facilitate greater access to data and information across all departments. This means cross-collaboration and coordination is easier and wasted time is reduced.

Conagra Brands, a consumer packaging goods company with over 16,000 employees, leveraged this single source of truth to their advantage. With Planview AdaptiveWork, the company was able to keep track of all their brands, projects, plants, 5,000 ingredients and 20,000 packaging materials in one place. The real benefit was in the efficiency and cost savings gained from being able to access all the information on a single product and ensure everyone was up-to-speed on changes, updates and progress.

Process & reporting automations

There are several areas where PPM tools can help cut admin time significantly through the use of automations. This refers to processes that were traditionally completed manually, but can be done automatically through the software.

Examples of where time can be saved on admin through automations include:

  • Generating reports automatically
    Avoiding the manual build of reports can help save your PMOs weeks of time, while also reducing the risk of human error.
  • Sharing data automatically
    Avoiding manual interactions means less time spent updating teams and sharing essential documents. Instead, everything is easily accessible from one place.
  • Automatically calculating resource capacity
    By analysing regional/personal working calendars, the software can automatically detect future resource capacity issues. You can view a report that shows where gaps need to be filled or where projects might be at risk due to a lack of human resources. Again, avoiding manual calculation can save lots of time.
  • Automatically checking for human-input inconsistencies
    We’re all human, and that means we all make mistakes. With automated processes, there is less room for error, meaning quality of work and efficiency of processes can be improved. Another benefit is improved relationships between teams and departments as they spend less time unravelling the confusion of each other’s mistakes and more time successfully collaborating on project and portfolio success.
  • Approvals automation
    Approvals automation helps team leads and PMOs spend less time on status updates and internal meetings. This also helps project leads avoid approval bottlenecks and get projects moving towards completion more efficiently.

In conclusion

If you’re looking to reduce time wasted and increase productivity and efficiency, PPM tools such as Planview AdaptiveWork can make a world of difference – if implemented and used correctly. Ignite Technology are expert consultants in PPM tools and have helped businesses at all levels of maturity integrate their current platforms and systems with tools such as Planview AdaptiveWork. If you’re interested in learning more or want to see how we could help your business, book a demo today.

By Austen Moore

Marketing Manager

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