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PPM software can accelerate decision-making – Here’s how

When it comes to a fast-changing business environment, the challenge is to manage an accelerated pace of change and continuously deliver high quality project outcomes. One way that you can achieve this is to centralise all your information and make it more accessible for your teams.

Streamline projects into a single source of truth

Being able to make informed decisions becomes more difficult when a business grows rapidly or project demands change. Having all the information you need in one place is a great way to bring some clarity to your decisions. 

Being able to see budget, resource and financial data together helps you to make more proactive decisions.

Your portfolio governance team needs to be confident on the execution and delivery of projects. Without effective monitoring channels, this will become difficult to achieve. Planview PPM software such as Planview AdaptiveWork, gives your teams and executives access to everything they need in one place. 

This may sound like an overwhelming prospect. However, the dashboard is designed with project portfolio managers in mind, to help them easily access and make sense of the data that matters to them. 

With the highly-configurable dashboards, you can quickly understand all aspects of individual projects.

Monitor progress more effectively

If projects aren’t going ahead as planned, you need to be able to monitor this and make necessary changes. A project going over deadline and budget can be addressed sooner rather than later with clear reporting data and dashboards on project progress. Any projects that are off track will be automatically highlighted, making it easier to prioritise next actions.

Identify issues that could impact project success sooner rather than later

Understanding demand vs constraints in advance will help you plan appropriately. 

With the right information, you can decide which tasks and projects are and are not feasible. You can decide to pivot or hire more resources to keep up with demand or stick with your current availability and scrap certain tasks or projects.

Save time on building status reports

Ordinarily, status reports could take days, or even weeks, to complete. But with Planview AdaptiveWork, this process is much quicker. It can be automated and even created in line with your company branding with the slide publisher feature.

Ideal for hybrid working

As it’s accessible from any connected computer, the software helps to facilitate easier hybrid working. This means you can encourage and adapt to a more flexible working environment. Plus, where you have different departments, you can make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Book your demo with a specialist

Planview AdaptiveWork can help you accelerate team performance and maximise project outcomes. Give them the right software and you can empower your teams to not just continue delivery, but to accelerate output. Contact us today to book your demo with one of our specialists.

By Austen Moore

Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing Ignite Technology’s marketing initiatives, Austen uses market research and analysis to direct marketing strategy and planning. He oversees the production of all promotional materials and marketing campaigns. With over 20 years of experience managing a range of companies, Austen’s expertise centres around commercial management, enterprise content management, marketing, sales, project management and team leadership.