Maximise the true potential of Planview AdaptiveWork for PPM

Maximise the true potential of Planview AdaptiveWork for PPM

Planview AdaptiveWork doesn’t just let you assign tasks for your teams. It unlocks invaluable insights and productivity-boosting features that your PPM could significantly benefit from. 

You may be encountering challenges with completing projects within the budget and allocated timeframe. Or perhaps your competitors are offering a more cost-efficient solution, leading you to miss out on valuable income. If your business has an ethos of continuous improvement and wants to become more agile and resilient, a solution such as Planview AdaptiveWork could provide the resources you need to excel. 

In this guide, we’re looking at how your business or enterprise can tap into the true potential of Planview AdaptiveWork. We’ll showcase the features and capabilities that facilitate a measurable difference for businesses. 

Keep your projects on track

Knowing whether projects are on or off track is a crucial insight for any Project or Portfolio Manager. 

Without this information, it’s difficult to prioritise your demand pipeline. Your responses to problems will also become more reactive than proactive. 

The Planview AdaptiveWork solution lets you build data dashboards that show the insights you need to monitor regularly. 

With integrations, you can enhance the solution further by merging data to get the insights you really need. Data could include projects that aren’t delivering on KPIs or that are going over the deadline or budget. This includes which projects are off track or which ones are at risk. Crucially, you can tailor this to suit your goals and objectives. 

For many project portfolios, the risk of not delivering efficient completion is a loss of income for the business. Planview AdaptiveWork is a solution that facilitates more informed decision-making and enables your teams to allocate resources, budgets and priorities more effectively.

Reach your full potential on professional services projects

If you have a contractual obligation to deliver a project, it is vital that you’re able to address any underperforming projects to avoid losing business. By getting forecasts on project delivery and having resource capacity planning, you can effectively calculate risk and plan accordingly.

  • Profitability of each customer
  • Percentage of the total profit each customer represents
  • Expected revenue vs actual revenue of a customer
  • Time spent on each project
  • Profitability of each project

These are high level insights. With real-time updates, you can make informed decisions and adapt when circumstances change. This helps you retain high-value customers and identify where you should spend more or cut costs. By wasting less time and working on tasks and projects that bring true value, you can afford to take on new projects and work with new customers. By leveraging data analytics, you can strive for continuous improvement. Ultimately, this will pave the way for business growth.  

The customised reports and dashboards are easy to build, interpret and share, so you can save hours of time while identifying value-driven insights. It’s a win-win situation for your PPM efforts. 

Transform traditional workflows to enhance productivity

You can also streamline processes by automating some of the previously manual tasks. This works by building project roadmaps. It outlines all the steps needed to get a project to completion and can intuitively move processes along to avoid bottlenecks. This includes sending automated notifications to executives who may need to sign off on content. You can also customise your workflow to meet industry-specific demands. It’s not a one-size-fits-all-solution, rather a system that works with the way your business operates, while enhancing output and efficiency. 

Round-up of features and capabilities of Planview AdaptiveWork:

Below is a list of just some of the powerful features you’ll have at your disposal when you purchase Planview AdaptiveWork.  

  • Complete Project Management: including WBS, interdependencies, baselines, KPIs, OKRs and critical path
  • Resource Management and Capacity Planning: including “what-if” scenario planning
  • Project / Program / Portfolio financials
  • Risk and Issues Management and reporting
  • Data consolidation in a single source of truth
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Automation

Integrating Planview AdaptiveWork into your organisation

The team at Ignite can help you overcome implementation challenges. We have the strategies and solutions to ensure you’re set up with all the right features and integrations. We’ll ensure you know how to use the solutions that matter to your business, so you can maximise the full potential of Planview AdaptiveWork from the offset. 

Embrace change, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable results for both your business and your customers. Speak to the Planview PPM solution specialists at Ignite Technology today.

By Austen Moore

Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing Ignite Technology’s marketing initiatives, Austen uses market research and analysis to direct marketing strategy and planning. He oversees the production of all promotional materials and marketing campaigns. With over 20 years of experience managing a range of companies, Austen’s expertise centres around commercial management, enterprise content management, marketing, sales, project management and team leadership.