Blog 04 May 2023

How to Reduce Project Portfolio Silos

If you’re a business director or manager of a project portfolio, what will matter to you is reliable project completion to ensure all parties are satisfied. When it comes to projects, the goal will be to complete them by a deadline and within the budget. However, blockers and silos can get in the way. It’s not uncommon to experience silos, but there is something you can do about it. With the right visibility and process automation, you can speed up progress and project portfolio completion.

To achieve that, you will want to give your project leaders end-to-end visibility so they can make proactive decisions and reduce time-to-completion by using automation.

In this guide, we’re looking at how you could improve the visibility of your project portfolios with software solutions such as Planview AdaptiveWork.

Brief introduction

With the right tools, you can enhance the process to get the project completed in the optimum time. With the right level of collaboration and planning, you can minimise the time between handoffs, improve productivity and reduce waste or task duplication.

Project completion is not just about getting to the finish line in record time. It’s also about aligning the deliverable with business goals, objectives and value.

This strategy also works during times of significant internal changes and restructures. It’s designed to make your business more adaptable. When things shift and change direction, your projects can move with the changes.

We’ve covered this topic of value streams and how to create them in previous articles.

How can tools like Planview AdaptiveWork help with this process?

Planview AdaptiveWork is a software platform that can help implement and maintain an end-to-end project process that works for both your business and your clients. Here’s how…

How can it help reduce silos?

Planview AdaptiveWork helps businesses track top accounts to see progress against milestones and increase executive visibility.

AdaptiveWork helps us automate our project portfolio management to let us quickly scale our consulting team and project delivery.

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Notable Features

  • Un-silo decision-making with ‘what-if’ scenario planning
    The capacity planning feature enables ‘what-if’ scenario planning and provides clear visibility on projects and your pool of resources.
    You can decide where to focus and whether or not you can include all the projects with the current resources you have. Decide whether to increase headcount. Show how many hours have been used.
    You know the common pitfalls that your team is likely to encounter along the way. You can unstick these by creating a framework for how to respond. A proactive approach will make your business more agile.
  • Flow metrics for projects and portfolios
    With flow metrics and visibility of your available human resources, and whether or not a project is at risk due to a shortage of required talent, you can make informed decisions on whether to hire more staff or remove a project.
  • KPIs for projects and portfolios
    KPIs can include whether a project is on a budget or on time. But it can also encompass client satisfaction, revenue and profit for professional services.
    With automated KPI performance reports, key executives and PMOs can easily identify the key indicators that show whether a project or portfolio is on track or at risk.
    A single set of metrics for the entire IT portfolio is essential for identifying problems in your workflow. This helps you identify unnecessary costs, waste and constraints to flow, both at macro and micro levels.
  • End-to-end bottleneck detection
    Pinpoint bottlenecks, waste and unnecessary costs. Proactively address them to keep initiatives on track and outcomes within reach. Improve predictability and resolve issues faster with end-to-end bottleneck detection and capacity insights. This is vital for improving customer or client satisfaction.
  • Cross-platform integrations
    By integrating all your solutions, such as CRM, issue tracking systems, financial systems, HR systems, etc., you can streamline collaboration across departments. Parts of the collaboration and communication processes can also be automated. This includes project handovers and progress notifications. You can also automate data exchange and reporting. It helps bring HR, sales and financial departments together.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Planview AdaptiveWork could help reduce your time-to-market, production capacity and predictability, Ignite Technology can help. We’ve helped a number of companies leverage the right software for their requirements. Request a demo today with one of our Planview Portfolio Management Software experts.