Adding value to Value Stream Management

Adding Value to Value Stream Management. Ignite Technology ValueOps MEA Summit 2022.

This video was recorded live at the Ignite Technology ValueOps MEA Summit 18th May 2022, in Dubai.

This presentation entitled “Adding Value to Value Stream Management” is delivered by Marc Leijten, who is a Broadcom Advisor. The video presentation addresses digital transformation and looks at why of the 79% organisations that are going through a digital transformation, only 30% of these will succeed.

Marc looks into what imperatives are required to thrive as a digital business and the concept that value stream is especially important to agile methodologies, which often seek to maximize focus on customer value. Marc discusses the different types of value streams and value stream concept benefits.

Value Streams are all about customer focus, they will improve the flow of work throughout the organization and thereby accelerate time to market. They are foundational for transforming into a true Digital enterprise.

Value stream management aligns Agile and DevOps with Business Strategy to increase customer value and eliminate waste. Simply put, value streams make complex processes visible and ready to pivot, if needed, to drive more value.

By Austen Moore

Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing Ignite Technology’s marketing initiatives, Austen uses market research and analysis to direct marketing strategy and planning. He oversees the production of all promotional materials and marketing campaigns. With over 20 years of experience managing a range of companies, Austen’s expertise centres around commercial management, enterprise content management, marketing, sales, project management and team leadership.