Are your workload automation strategies falling short?

The change simulation you need to protect your SLAs
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82% of organisations faced a surge in job volume.

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51% of organisations utilised multiple automation tools.

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89% reported missing one or more SLAs due to job failures.

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85% reported a WLA breach.

91% of enterprises want a centralised view of workload automation and 77% have cross-scheduler dependencies.

  • Struggling to manage a surge in job volume leading to inefficiencies?

  • Facing confusion from multiple automation tools? 

  • Limited historical insights hindering batch optimisation in scheduling?

  • Service delivery affected by fragmented views of automated processes?

  • Lacking visibility into critical jobs resulting in more troubleshooting?

Unlock the power of Automation Analytics and Intelligence (AAI)

Unified Automation Observability

Monitor and visualise automated business processes across vendors & platforms in one centralised view.

SLA Management

Gain business service insight from workload automation activities through predictive SLA management, proactive alerting and self-service dashboards.

Automation Intelligence

Predict, model and optimise automated processes with real-time and historical data to prevent issues before they happen.

Discover how AAI’s comprehensive suite of capabilities can streamline your workload automation processes, minimise SLA breaches and optimise business performance effectively.

AAI is the only solution in the market providing cross-vendor coverage including Broadcom, IBM, BMC, Tidal and external applications. Storing, analysing and reporting on over 365 days of historical workload data, featuring dynamic and automated critical path visualisation for expedited triage and offering automated job grouping into job streams and automated SLA management for improved operational efficiency.
The time is up for Automation Proliferation. More companies than ever are realising the damage a fragmented automation infrastructure does to their operations and the benefit of taking action.
Find out how you can turn Islands of Automation into a single source of insight. Download the eBook now.

Protect your SLAs

In this Automation Expert Series edition, we offer guidance on establishing effective change simulation, crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding of workload performance and foreseeing potential impacts on service levels and SLAs prior to implementation.

Trapped by high volume, low value tasks?

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